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Midwives specialised in fetal ultrasonography work at VEZ. In addition to their degree they are trained annually (hands-on training). They also follow refresher courses and there are case discussions. Special findings are discussed in these meetings. There are guidelines for the minimum amount of ultrasounds a sonographer must perform each year. These numbers are far exceeded by all sonographers that work at VEZ.

As VEZ is a small organisation, waiting times are short and quick consultations are possible. As the midwife or gynaecologist refers the client to VEZ, their satisfaction is also of importance and their opinion will always be taken into consideration. The satisfaction of the client and referring healthcare provider will be surveyed by way of an evaluation form.

Quality annual report

Every ultrasonography centre is obligated to make an annual report. This is an effective way to prove the quality of an ultrasonography centre. The final annual result is described in an annual quality statement. This will include, among other things:

  • How many defects have been detected? How many have been missed?
  • How many people have been referred for an extensive ultrasound and in how many of those cases was there an actual defect?
  • How many people were seen again as the first ultrasound was incomplete?

The quality and amount of ultrasounds are analysed in an annual quality statement:


If you are not satisfied about the investigation ( combined test and ore 20 week scan), we advise you to contact the sonographer who made the ultrasound. If a conversation does not bring you any satisfaction, you can complaint at the Kachtencommissie from the Beroepsgroep Echoscopisten Nederland.

You can visit the website of the BEN for more information.

We believe it is very important for you, as a client, to tell your opinion about our work. Sometimes it is not easy to complain. This is why we send al clients an email with a short opinion poll. Of course it is nice to hear that you are satisfied with us. But we also want to learn from you. We want to improve our care and therefor we need you’re opinion.